Destination Box by Jon Allen

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This is Jon Allen’s contender for the Mystery Box crown.

This fairly expensive walnut box with a hasp and lock is essentially a signed card to impossible location trick. It was created by Jon Allen and includes a nesting features where a signed card is discovered inside a small box that is inside this box. It can be used for a headline prediction or watch steal finale as well. The box is examinable, the lock is secure and the spectator can remove their item once the box is opened. While it fares well with routining where the spectator simply unlocks the lock and opens the box, it might be combined with a Seven Keys effect before the box can be opened.

Effect: You hand someone a locked box to look after. You perform your favorite signed card trick (obviously not Card on Ceiling!). As a finale, you unlock the box to reveal another box inside. Within this box is a folded playing card. The person who signed the card removes it to reveal it is their signed card.


  • Created from solid American black walnut.
  • Solid brass hinges, hasp & staple with secure padlock.
  • External dimension: 120mm x 75mm x 55mm
  • Internal flocking for added elegance.
  • Extra specialized coating for added protection.
  • Devious method makes the box 100% examinable.

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Approx. Price: $310.00 (2007) ***

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