Crook Lock by Mak Magic, Davenports

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The Seven Keys theme was created by Joseph Kolar in 1927, see here for more details.  This version was first sold by Davenports in the UK c. 1991 and then later by Mak Magic c. 1996.

Effect: Make a bet that gives you very bad odds, only 20% chance you’ll win! Place a dollar bill into a plastic wallet, and a spectator locks it in with a padlock. The dollar bill remains visible through 2 holes in the wallet at all times!

Show 5 keys and explain that only 1 of these keys will open the lock. They can win the dollar bill if they open the lock. Mix the keys up and have them freely selected by 4 different people. Each person attempts to open the lock and all fail to win the bill! Finally the performer opens the lock with the final key that was not selected!

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