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Lippincott Box (Jumbo) by Mel Babcock

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As with all of Mel’s work this is very solid and works perfectly. Looks beautiful too and will last a lifetime.

Effect: A watch or larger item is borrowed, marked by a spectator, and then is caused to vanish. It is found in a small, locked box which the spectator is holding. The box is made of quality hardwood with brass hardware and is felt-lined. The lock is a quality, Master padlock. It will hold a lemon comfortably.

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Approx. Price: $90.00 (2008) ***

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1 review for Lippincott Box (Jumbo) by Mel Babcock

  1. Greg

    Not Just Another Box

    Mel Babcock. What a gift to magic he is. So many bad Lippincott Boxes have been produced that I forgot how effective this prop can be. Mel’s jumbo version is a pure delight. It looks great and works great…plus it is built like a tank like all of his pieces. That’s why I like Mel’s props. They’re not just built for collectors, they’re built for workers. You can’t go wrong.

    Mel isn’t the most prolific craftsman, but he still continues to be one of the best. When he picks an effect to produce you know it will be magical on many different levels.

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