Spirit Lock Deluxe by Bob Solari Magic

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This spirit lock simply opened when the performer wanted it to. It was a well-built albeit, costly piece of equipment and worked well. It came with a tray upon which the performer placed it after spectator’s had examined it. The standing lock could be covered with a glass dome, although that was not included. Some performers used a standard large tumbler or a glass cheese saver.

Bob Solari released this in 1987 and quickly sold out – it was even sold by Supreme Magic in the UK. He re-released it in 2007. Solari was trained as a locksmith and created these props himself, though in the second Deluxe release Paul Lembo created the unit and embedded the locks created by Bob.

Effect: A spectator is invited to accompany the magician/mentalist with his next effect. Sitting on the table is a small tray with a lock resting atop it. The magician takes hold of the platform and then hands the lock to the spectator. He is then invited to unlock it, physically using the keys. Then he locks it again and tugs on the end just be sure it is real. The lock is placed on the tray and the performer asks the spectator to jingle the keys a bit in front of the lock and concentrate on opening the lock with his mind. The spectator does so and miraculously the lock opens without any manipulation!

For an even greater mystery, the lock can be covered with an inverted glass or clear display cube as to isolate the lock.

A Long Lost Solari Classic Reborn with STYLE by master craftsman Paul Lembo! Looks great, superb detail and craftsmanship! Under your complete control!

You receive the tray, the lock and its keys along with detailed instructions! The method has been reworked and is now better than ever! The tray is crafted from Walnut woods and is has an inlaid brass trim around the front and sides.

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Approx. Price: $225.00 (2008) ***

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