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Bill Tube (Deluxe) by Viking Mfg., Brema

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Viking Mfg. makes an especially fine brass Bill Tube, but the prop may also be found in cheaper versions from various dealers. The tube is gimmicked, not the lock, so this is not an especially good trick for a Seven Keys routine. The two effects maybe routined, however, with the spectator finding the correct key from among several in order to open the case and retrieve her vanished bill.

Another effect would be to use the Bill Tube to produce the correct key for a second lock. Start by testing seven keys in a padlock. The spectators realize that only one opens the lock. Place all seven keys in a scarf or container and let the spectator hold the container. Then display the Bill Tube with its smaller padlock. Ask the spectator to retrieve all seven keys to see if any will fit in the small padlock. She will discover that there are only six keys. One seems to have vanished.

Have her try the six keys in the larger lock. It will not open. Apparently the working key is the one that has disappeared. Bring out a small key and have the spectator open the small lock on the Bill Tube. Inside she will find a larger key. It will open the larger lock.

Any gimmicked lock that uses a gravity or step-back principle will work for this routine (See the section on Key Methods). Test all seven keys, Vanish one with sleight of hand or a pull as you deposit the set of keys in the container. A working key is already inside the Bill Tube when you produce it. Be sure to check the size of your keys with your bill tube to make sure they will fit inside. If the key’s bow is too large, it can be made narrower with a file or a Dremel tool.

Effect: The performer borrows a dollar bill, which is initialed by the spectator, and the serial number is noted.

The bill is now folded, secured with a rubber band and placed within the folds of a hank, held by the spectator. Performer now displays a small brass tube with a threaded lid and brass bar running through it and a lock. This is given to the spectator to hold in his free hand.

The performer now snatches the hank from the spectator’s hand and the hank proves to be empty! The dollar bill has vanished! Spectator himself removes the locking bar and unscrews the lid to the brass tube, which he has been holding throughout the routine. Inside he finds the MISSING, signed bill!

This is by far the most beautiful version of this effect. Highly polished brass, machined to perfection. Made by the people who know what true quality is all about.

Don’t be mislead, all Bill Tubes are not alike; this is the Rolls Royce of Bill Tubes, guaranteed to exceed all others in quality, beauty and performance.

Our Deluxe Bill Tube is crafted from solid brass; threaded top with locking pin and brass lock. Use your own hank or purchase a Bill Vanishing Hank from us.
Do not accept cheap imitations. Look for our engraved “VH” logo on all our brass items.

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Approx. Price: $49.50 (2000) ***

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1 review for Bill Tube (Deluxe) by Viking Mfg., Brema

  1. Andy Martin

    Fine Brass Work

    Very nice bill tube from Viking. I have had so many different bill tubes and bill tube like effects over the years and recently sold them all. But this one I kept because it is very well made, looks beautiful, and maybe one day I’ll even perform it!

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