Psychokinetic Lock by Tom Yurasits

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This lock has a different effect than most, as the routine resembles pure mind-reading with several numbers. The lock is a standard Master combination lock of the horizontal style with four large wheels that can be set to a four-digit number. You explain or demonstrate to a spectator how to set a combination for the lock and ask her to choose any four-digit number and re-set it while you turn away.

She sets the combination, locks it and scrambles the wheels before handing it back to you. You have her concentrate on the four digits she has chosen and one by one, you tell her the numbers. Each time you are correct and as soon as you turn to the last one, the lock opens.

The specially gimmicked lock uses a clever mechanism that you can use to find out each number in the setting. It is an unusual premise and very baffling to the audience, as you appear to be divining numbers from the spectator’s mind one at a time with no guessing, no fishing and nothing written down. This would work well in a routine where you downplay the importance of the lock and concentrate on simply using it as evidence that you can transfer mental information. When the lock opens, that proves to the audience that you read the spectator’s mind correctly.

Effect: You have a combination lock that you show to a spectator. You explain to him that he can change the combination to any combination he wants. You show him how to change the combination and tell him to change it and to remember the combination. He does not need to write it down, but he has to just remember it and tell no one. After he changes the combination he is to scramble the combination and give the lock back to you. You then take the lock and ask the spectator concentrate on the first number. You then name the first number. It is correct! You do the same thing a second, third & fourth time. Every time you name a number, it is correct! And when you name the last number, the lock pops open!

This is great mentalism. There is no writing of the numbers, no impressions to read, no guessing, no pre-show work. This is pure mentalism at it’s best! The lock is a genuine gimmicked Master lock.

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