Treasury Transpo by Harry Reeve

(c. 1971) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Make no mistake. This is no run-of-the-mill trick. It is an outstanding piece of MAGICAL GENIUS.

Effect: The performer borrows a dollar bill, initials it and seals it in an envelope. He now produces another dollar bill, sandwiched between two clear plastic sheets. The plastic sheets are held together by rubber bands and a padlock goes through both sheets, also through the note and is firmly locked. A cutout in the top sheet enables the spectator to initial the bill and he can also make a note of the number. Spectator holds the plastic sheets, then WHAM. The envelope is opened and the spectator removes the dollar bill. IT IS THE ONE HE JUST INITIALED. THE BILL BETWEEN THE SHEETS IS NOW THE ONE THE PERFOMER INITIALED.

We know it sounds impossible? Remember the spectator is holding the sheets! Remember the bill is locked in place!

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