Strolling Diary 2007 by Martin’s Magic

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I have performed Bob Cassidy’s Chronologue for years and really like it. This is my version using one deck of cards and one diary – both of which are placed in front of the audience before you commence the effect.

My method is based on combining ideas of Bob Cassidy, Ted Annemann, and Eddie Joseph.

This is my new favorite opening effect and because it allows for a large number of cards to be chosen freely and requires no reset it is perfect for strolling magic situations where people talk about effects among each other!

Effect: I use these 1864 Poker cards in the patter and they add some interest to the effect as you talk about the ancient connection between cards and the calendar. What I really like about my version is that it has zero reset, a different card can be chosen (almost) every time and there is only one diary, only one deck, no force, no memory work, one simple calculation, and everything is on view to begin with.


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