Power of Poker by John Bannon

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From John Bannon’s wonderful book: Dear Mr. Fantasy.

Effect: “Okay, this week was nuts. Jamie showed me ten cards (face down) and told me I was going to pick a hand of poker for myself. Jamie would show me a couple of cards and I would pick one. This went on until we both had five cards. At the end I had a Full House. But get this, he had a Straight Flush! And I made every single decision. It was crazy!”

Wow, talk about a great effect. It also helps that I’m such a huge fan of poker. Self-working, easy magic at it’s finest. John credits Dave Solomon as the creator of the effect and Dave came up with a killer. And the Magic Friday crowd ate it up. The only problems arose when someone had no idea of poker hands, but I think that only happened once, and even then, I was able to explain it before the finale.

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