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Life and Times of a Legend – ANNEMANN by Ted Annemann, Max Abrams

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Details: Here is the complete story of one of the most influential magic writers and editors of all time – the history of Theodore “Ted” Annemann. Every published, and many unpublished, creations of Annemann have been gathered for this unprecedented work, then edited and placed in their proper chronological order.

This huge 621-page book contains extensive commentary, which clarifies hundreds of details about his tricks, his contemporaries and the man himself. It is as entertaining as it is informative. Annemann’s influence on magic even after his death is explained, as well as the complete genealogy of his creation The Jinx magazine and all its descendants.

Also included are performance photos, family photos, publicity material and much more. Without question this is the largest collection of Annemann memorabilia ever to be printed. And for the first time, see the extended photo sequence of Annemann performing his death-defying Bullet Catch.

These are merely a few of the features to be found in this comprehensive coverage of Ted Annemann. The scope of the material would take pages to describe. This indispensable book will be of interest to every magician, whether historian, collector, card worker or mentalist. A lifetime of magical creativity contained in one volume.

Contents: (Leading articles (A, An, The) and quotation marks are omitted; Annemann’s name is retained for those tricks published as beginning with his name)

ii Foreword
iii Introduction

1 One: The Waverly Wonder
4 Additional Effect Of The X-Ray Eyes
4 X-Ray Eye Act
5 Argamasilla’s Super-Vision
6 Improvement On Secret Of The Swami
6 Review Of Emerson The Master Mystic
6 Sealed Letter Test With Cards
7 Another Force
7 Different Color Change
8 Mind-Reading Mystery
9 Another Four-Ace Maneuvre
9 Si Stebbins Kink
10 Original Tray-Vanish
11 Better Yet Box Rod And Rings Challenge
12 Ghost Card
13 New (?) Reverse Card Trick
13 P. And L. Four Ace Suggestion
14 Club Or Stage Mental Number
14 New Slate Writing Wrinkle
15 Subtle Poker Stunt
16 Cigarette And Dollar Bill Again
17 East Indian Needle Feat
17 Three Card Monte Outdone
18 Attention Mentalists
19 My Original Swami Test.
20 Mediumistic Stunt
24 Idea
25 Mentalex?
25 Simplified Telephone Mystery
25 Telephone Mystery
26 Improvement 8.000
27 My Doll Production
29 Supreme Book Test
29 Wanted – For A New Effect
30 Coincidence
30 Good Coin Vanish
31 Annemann’s Challenge Mind Test

41 Two: The Land Of The Sphinx
43 Get It
44 Answerit
45 Newspaper Office Stunt
47 Little Article Regarding Copped Material
50 Think Of A Card
51 Annemann’s Nightmare Effects
51 No Title At All
52 Radio Publicity Feat
53 Annemann’s Diabolo Pellet Reading
54 Annemann’s 44 Cent Mystery Card Reading Method
55 Annemann’s 55 Cent Card Memory
58 Annemann’s Book Test
58 Monster Master Mysterious Mystery
59 Master’s Touch
62 Five Card Stabbing Mystery
64 Eye-Popper Card Feat
65 Ambitious Card
66 Poker Players Dream
67 You Spell It Yourself Feat
69 Day-Time Nightmare
70 Single Sitting Bullet Reading And Slate Test
71 Two-Pellet Routine With One Person
72 Just Think Of A Card
73 Annemann’s Mental Masterpiece
74 Ralph Read’s Latest Perfected Mental Masterpiece
78 Annemann’s Duplicated Name
79 Premier Book Test
81 Mentalist’s Card Staggerer
83 Annemann’s Psychic Writing 56
83 Instantaneous Card Memory
83 Psychic Writing 56
84 Phantasma – A Mental Card Feat
87 Slate Writing Par Excellence
88 Annemann’s Fourth Dimensional Telepathy
92 Greta Annemann
93 Greta Annemann’s Eyes Of The Unknown

95 Three: The Strangest Secrets Ever Sold
95 Remote Control
98 Really New Locator Card
99 One In Fourteen
99 Original Set-Up Discovery
100 New Thought Spelling Effect
101 Count Your Card!
101 Whichever You Please
102 Telepathy In The Audience
103 Red And Blue Back Mixup
104 Gambler In Person
105 Gambler Is Back Again
106 Psychic Sympathy
107 Four Pile Location
107 Method Number Two
108 Genii Cut-Deck Location
109 Mystery Card Reading Method
110 New Apparatus For The Pellet Switch
111 Find The Lady
111 Improved Magic Square Presentation
113 One-Man “Genuine” Magazine Test
114 Color Tell Billiard Balls
114 Mental Coloring – Telepathy In Silk
115 Spring In The Dark
116 Seven Keys To Baldpate
118 Prophecy Of The Koran
120 Jimmy Valentine Opens A Safe
121 Annemann Torn Card Method
124 Special Addition To Annemann’s Own Sensational Telephone Book Mystery
125 Test Of The Tiber
126 Passe Passe Cards
127 Annemann’s New Marvelous Two Card Slate Prophecy
130 New Baffling Location
132 Card And Pocket Miracle
135 Insto-Transpo 1
136 Stop
137 Dollar – Cigarette Challenge
137 Remote Control Improved
138 Dead Name Duplication
140 Accessory
141 Mental Dollars
141 Number Please
142 Card Doctor
142 Sensitive Thoughts
143 Needle Variation
143 Slates And Aces
144 Number Please?
146 New Double Telepathy Routine
147 Poker Plus
147 Thought In Person
148 Mental Headache

149 Four: In The Lair Of The Jinx
149 202 Methods Of Forcing
178 Climax Card Routine
179 Card Location
179 Magical Application
179 Top & Bottom Location
180 Half-Moon Location
181 Improved Version Of Everybody’s Choice
181 Location Plus
182 Snappy Finish
182 Stage Location
183 Master Card Speller
183 Mystic Cut
184 Counting By Eye
184 Odd Or Even
185 New Double Treatment For The Slick Card
186 Burling Hull Double Treatment
186 Correct Treatment
187 Sh-H-H-H — It’s A Secret
188 Call Me Up Sometime
189 Borrowed Deck Tragedy
190 Help Wanted In The Dark
190 Thought Is Fathomed
191 Handkerchief Is Selected
191 Rule Of The Thumb
191 Your Nose Knows
192 Card Is Found Once More
192 Odd Or Even Which?
193 Alternate Detection
194 Annemann’s Eight-In-A-Row Location
194 New Kink For The Reversing Of One Card
195 Challenge Of The Year
195 Red Or Black?
196 Mind In Retrospect
197 Five Card Thought Effect
197 Guessing Contest
198 Two Person Location
199 Couple Of Cards Get Together
199 New Deal Card Code
200 Perfect Club Slate Routine
201 Dual Sympathy
201 Fair And Square
202 Another Sympathetic Mystery
202 Triplets By Chance
203 Last Of The Think Stop Tricks
204 Tune Detective
204 Your Card
205 Mindreader’s Dream
206 Music In The Air
207 Quaint Happening
208 Prophecy Of Occurrence
209 203rd Force
209 Despair Of The Devil
209 Nickels On The Brain
210 Bell Mystery
210 Three Cards – Three Numbers
210 Lady And (The) Gentleman
211 $1000 Test Card Location
212 Dead Men Tell No Tales
212 Master Mind
214 Linx
216 How One Magician Makes Money Exposing Magic Secrets

218 Five: In The Days Of The Jinx
219 Supreme East Indian Needle Feat
221 Two Papers And A Spectator
223 Devil’s Four Aces
224 Synthetic Sympathy
226 Demon – Yogi – Goblin Book Test
228 Dead Or Alive?
228 Real Psychic Card Test
230 Bending Swizzle Stick
232 Master Of The Message
233 Annemann’s Complete One Man Mental And Psychic Routine
234 Billet Switching
236 Magic Vs. Mindreading
237 Telephone Drama
238 Dead Name Test
239 New Nile Divination
241 Book Mentalism
242 Telepathy Plus
246 Mirror Reflector
247 Living And Dead Combination
248 Advance Information
248 Sealed Envelope Dodge
248 Spirit Pencil
249 Pencil Reading
251 Red And Blue Back Color Change
252 Question And The Answer
254 Impromptu Frame Ups
254 Extraordinary Clairvoyance Test
256 Astral Shirt
257 Two Mindreading Publicity Effects
259 New Nightmare Effect
260 Jinx Five-Foot Shelf Of Magic
261 Improvement A La Carte
263 Matter Of Policy
263 Modernized Reading
265 Pseudo-Psychometry
267 Lies Lies Lies
268 Just The Same Alike
269 With One Hand
270 It Goes This Way
271 Impression Moderne
272 Migrating Pasteboard
273 Face Up – Face Down Location
274 From Out Of The Air
275 Daffy Discovery
275 Handkerchief That Flew
276 Unknown Subject
277 Par-Optic Vision
279 Twentieth Century Cards
280 Ext’ra-Sensory Percep’tion
282 Switch Board
283 Fan Location
283 Trick With The Fan Location
284 Card To Be Thought About
284 Card Unharmed
285 Card Puzzle
286 Improvement To Seven Keys To Baldplate
286 Two Betting Propositions
287 Shrinking Dollar Bill
287 Tip For Vanishing Bird Cage
287 Tip To Card Workers
287 Variation Of Canary And Light Bulb
288 Solitaire King
288 Tip For Cards From Pockets
288 Wrinkle For Planting Productions
289 Four Aces On The Stage
291 Wanted – A Card Routine Without Cards
292 Higher Magic
292 Miracle
294 Cute And Quick Location
294 Thoughts In The Air
296 Original Faked Envelope Wit A Publicity Angle
298 Acme Thought Card Pass
299 Undercover Mystery
300 More Higher Magic
302 Cigarettes In The Dark
303 Cremo!
304 Sagacious Joker
305 Halfway To Hell
306 Version Of The Al Baker Three Billet Trick
309 From Beyond The Grave
310 Audley Walsh Coincidence
311 Annemann On The Audley Walsh Coincidence
311 Triple Coercion
313 Annemann Bell Box
314 So Simple Force
315 Dice And A Book
316 Trickery
317 On The Wire
318 Bert Reese Secrets
322 Word On The Page
323 Cards In The Cases
324 Problem Of The Ice Cube
325 Notaria
327 Mentalist With Money
328 Story Of Crime
329 Secret Order Of The Aces
331 En Rapport
341 Si Stebbins System
342 Eight Kings System
342 Walk Around Discovery
344 Restless Cards
344 Wired Thought
345 Two Cheating Mysteries
346 Double Ad Test
347 Psychic Toothpick
348 Parallel Thoughts
349 Blake Charles
350 Composite Routine
351 Between The Lines
354 Oss Of Lhasa
354 Pocketbook Card
356 Mind Or Muscle
358 Call Your Hand
360 My Own Swami Test
361 Locatrik
362 Ultra Find
364 Yggdrasil
366 Magicians Dream
369 Card From Hell
371 On Daub
372 Distich
372 Flashpaper Formula
373 Found Out
373 Jordan Plus Gardiner
375 Wireless Telepathy
380 Was Dr. J.B. Rhine Hoodwinked?
383 Brain Wave Deck
385 Encore Voodoo
387 Simplified Bullet Catching
388 Telethot
390 Money Method
393 Five Card Find0
400 Spots Before Your Eyes
401 Annemann’s Eagle Location
402 Light On The Hindu Shuffle
404 Flat Rabbit
405 No Pain
410 Perfect Club Slate Routine – Revised
412 Annemann’s Omega Card Act.
415 Rising Card
416 Penetrating Card
417 Impaled Card
417 Pocketbook Card
417 Torn Card
419 Whim Of Tituba
422 New Sheet Reading
425 As In A Mirror Darkly
428 Eyes Have It
428 Perfect Prediction
431 Two Annemann Effects
431 Whistle
432 Card In Hand
433 Pocket Prophecies
437 Omega Card Prophecy
437 Original Effect
438 Orville Meyer’s Twin Prediction
439 Improved Buckley Method
441 Hidden Mystery
444 Annemann’s Weird Wire
447 Annemann’s Ballot Box Divination
448 Card In High
452 Volition
453 Time Formula
459 Postman’s Dream
460 Bartender’s Nightmare
461 Future Deck
462 Addison To The Future Deck
463 Albaka
465 Day Of Your Life
467 Shaman’s Curious Coin
468 At Last Poor Yorick- I Knew Him When
471 Tomorrow’s Card
474 Lost – Found
475 Cyclops Cards
475 Time To Shine
476 Dream Of A Hermit
479 Gypsies Won’t Tell
483 Painless Chirurgery
484 Parade Of The Lamas
487 Good Night
489 Waiting Place For Unborn Thoughts
491 Ode To The Sun
492 Hit Parade
494 Vampire Silks
495 On The Treasure Trail
497 Highly Improbable
500 Torn Letter
503 Card Voice
503 Tin Can Trickster
505 Boom-Boom
507 Not For The Meek
510 Headline Hunter
512 Trance Card

516 Epilogue: In The Flames Of The Phoenix
518 Mind Over Money
519 Forecast
521 Sooth Sayer
522 Window Washer’s Dream
523 Weighing Thought Waves
524 Blackout Magic
525 Bullet Catching
526 Neatwist
527 It Goes Double
529 Catching A Bullet In The Teeth
534 Aces At Random
534 New Deck Speller
536 Any Deck One – Way
536 One-Way Mark Location
538 Nail Writer Technique
539 Magic Vs. Mentalism [Variation]
543 Annemann’s Gag With The Turnover Card
544 Annemann’s Card On The Ceiling
546 Nerve Test
549 Great Annemann Mystery Solved

554 The Annemann Album

621 Annemann Tricks In Other Magazines And Books

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 621
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Edited by: Max Abrams
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1992
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for Life and Times of a Legend – ANNEMANN by Ted Annemann, Max Abrams

  1. Andy Martin

    What can you say! Simply Amazing!

    I’m not going to fool anyone if I say I have read the whole of this book – it is huge and heavy. However, it holds nearly all of the known published miracles of Ted Annemann and it is a book that I am very eager to read from cover to cover.

    Ted Annemann was one of the real heavyweights in magic thought and creation, and its hard to imagine anyone not getting a truck load of wonderful ideas from this book.

    I know this doesn’t do justice to the man or the book, so buy it yourself and post a review for us all to read! Beautifully produced and Highly recommended!

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