New Premonition by Eddie Joseph, Bill McCaffrey

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Below is what Eddie Joseph has to say in the introduction to his “New Premonition” effect c. 1966, which is quite revealing given that his first version of Premonition marketed by Abbott’s c. 1948 itself is basically the same effect and method as Bill McCaffrey’s The Prize Winner c. 1934.  This was first marketed by Thayer c. 1934 and first published by Hilliard (1938, pp.564-566) – yes Mr. McCaffrey’s version was published a full 14 years before Mr. Josephs’s version.  And Mr. Joseph was concerned about piracy of his effect …

Here is Eddie Joseph’s in his own words:

No matter how deep you delve into Magical history, you will not encounter another card effect similar to my “PREMONITION”. I say this because I introduced it as a NEW trick to the world of Magic through the house of “ABBOTT’S” – Colon, Michigan over two decades ago. I can, therefore, safely affirm that “PREMONITION” is identified with me not only as a NEW trick, but as an original creation in TITLE, PRESENTATION, PRINCIPLE and EFFECT.

When first introduced to fellow magicians, “PREMONITION” was greeted enthusiastically. Many knowledgeable members in the profession proclaimed its merits unstintingly. Others soon learnt of its singular entertainment potentiality and included it as a feature number in their acts. My files are full of laudable comments gathered from various sources. Two of these in particular I wish to record here. The first from that veritable human encyclopedia of Magic, Sid Lorraine. In his published criticism he stated “To our mind it surpasses anything we have come across for sheer MIRACLE – LIKE effect. Here is an effect that should WOW any group. It’s a natural for those doing a mental act, but even those without mental equipment can create a great effect with the Joseph miracle”.

The second came from Eddie Cleaver who for many years in past was the editor of the LINKING RING PARADE. He had this to say about yours truly and his PREMONITION. “His originations have won him world acclaim and with his latest rave effect “PREMONITION” he has acquired a niche in magic’s Hall of Fame that cannot be disputed”.

Due to its popularity “PREMONITION” soon became the target for imitators. Quite a few chased the band wagon and one, in particular, in his burning passion to outsmart the rest, not only used the original as a pattern for his imitation but actually had no feeling of uneasiness to intrude upon my title as well. He too called his imitation “PREMONITION”. What better evidence is needed beyond this to fully appreciate the true worth of my creation.

Even Goodliffe thought fit to remark in his ABRA #168 at the time. “Before we close the file marked duplication of effects, let us take a look at Eddie Joseph’s “PREMONITION”. Now it only remains for some bright lad to start a magical weekly with the title ABRACADABRA”.

However, much water had since passed under the bridge. Over the past many years I have been working to strengthen further my original conception. I have succeeded in more ways then one. As a matter of fact it had undergone a complete change. It is in this modern form and new dressing that I have pleasure in presenting it to you. I re-titled the trick “THE NEW PREMONITION.” Those in possession of the older version will soon be able to appreciate the many finer facets injected in this latest release. In the original presentation only one member of the audience was employed whereas we now use TWO. And what is regarded as another strong feature of our present innovation THE EFFECT IS REPEATED IMMEDIATELY. I have developed a different original principle which will be fully explained in its proper place in the text. The refinements has raised an already established and reputable piece of magic to even greater heights in the sphere of unfathomable mystery.

Effect: Any person calls out the name of any card. He is asked to take up from the table, a pack (in its case) and to deal the cards face up, one at a time, until he comes to his named card. He fails, because it just isn’t there . . the one card he named out of the 52 possibles . . is missing! Without the slightest delay, the magician produces the missing card! ! A fantastic effect? Of course it is . . and made even more fantastic, when one realizes that there is – ABSOLUTELY NO FORCE IN THE CHOICE OF THE CARD. 100% in WORKING and that the performer does not TOUCH THE CARDS!!!

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