Val Evans’ Improved Stop Trick by Viking Mfg.

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The full title of this effect is Val Evans’ Stop Trick of Tomorrow invented by Val Evans (stage name Harry Valcarte) and released by Chas. Eastman c. 1934. The rights were sold to Art Emerson who in turn sold them to Viking Mfg. This is a very beautiful and clever device that allows you to perform the classic “Stop Trick” every time without any funny moves or gimmicked cards. The quality on this piece is wonderful and I don’t know where else you can get such fine workmanship for such a low price – it even comes with a deck of cards too!

Effect: A standard deck of playing cards, a length of ribbon and a simple wooden houlette are displayed. Two cards are selected by audience members and the cards returned to the deck. A ribbon is placed over the top of the houlette followed by the deck of cards which pushes the ribbon downward. The face or bottom of the deck is visible through the hole in the back of the houlette; top (or back) of the deck faces the brass clip.

The card at the face of the deck is partially lifted so that it may be confirmed that this was not one of the selected cards. Now the top card of the deck is lifted, and it too, proves to be an indifferent card. The Houlette is now turned so that the back of the cards face the audience. One by one the cards are removed, each card being placed behind a clip at the front of the houlette. At ANYTIME, the spectator can call ‘STOP’! The cards are removed from the clip and shown to be all different. “You could have stopped me on any of these. But you chose this precise moment to shout, STOP.” The performer pulls outward on the ribbon from both ends and the entire deck rises out of the houlette. The spectator himself is allowed to remove the very next card and it proves to be the selected card! The effect may be repeated with a second card, with the same results.

Long off the market, the Val Evans STOP TRICK has been considered one of the classics in card-control effects. In typical Viking fashion, we have made this in select hardwood with brass accents to compliment any discriminating program.

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