Crystal Card Case by Dick Zimmerman

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Effect: The Crystal Cord Case hos long been one of the highlights of Dick Zimmerman’s lecture, but o special box had to be mode to perform it. At last, here is everything you need to dazzle your audiences with this masterpiece of visible magic:

A card is freely selected from any deck which is imprisoned in The Crystal Cord Case. Upon your command the selected card comes to life, crawls out of the deck and pushes the lid open. It then rises horizontally until you tell it to stop and turn around. On cue it rotates to an almost vertical position and continues to rise completely out of the case, finally foiling onto the table.

Everything may immediately be examined. There is nothing to get rid of! Once the cards are in the case, you never hove to touch it again! The case is molded in gleaming crystal-clear acrylic with faceted sides and gilded edges.

Detailed instructions for all working conditions.

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