Matt Morell

Posted February 4, 2023:

I fell in love with the Art of Magic over 40 years ago and it has been a wonderful journey ever since . When I came across Martin’s Magic Website and started to see so many amazing creations from all around the world that I have never seen before , it just brought me back to when I was a kid seeing Magic for the first time

As with anything in life , we are constantly learning , developing , creating and striving to be the best we can. The Collections both old and new presented at Martin’s Magic show me all of those and that anything is possible… especially in the World of Magic. They bring me great joy and happiness when needed quite often these days so it seems

Recently I reached out asking for help with an effect that a good friend of mine came across that we were not familiar with . Mr. Martin was extremely helpful and able to answer all our questions in which we are so grateful

A beautiful website full of History and Magical wonder … keep up the good work Andy !


Matt Morell
Norwich , CT.

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