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Val Evan’s Improved Stop Trick by Viking Mfg.

Another great cards item from Viking Mfg..

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (03/2004) ***

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2 reviews for Val Evan’s Improved Stop Trick by Viking Mfg.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charles Del Campo

    I own it ..in my private collection

    Again, anything manufactured by Viking is of high quality.
    This is one of their finsest quality workmanship; may be examined! Complete with cards, walnut houlette and ribbon. There is absolutely no way anyone can discover the gimick on this one! If you like close-up with cards then you need to buy this item since its provides a mystifying ambiance to the card routine! Highly recommended and a good investment.
    By Rasputin

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Beautiful, Convincing, and Great Value!

    This is a very clever little device that allows you to perform the classic "Stop Trick" everytime without any funny moves or gimmicked cards.

    The quality on this piece is wonderful and only $55 … what is that all about? I don’t know where else you can get such fine workmanship for such a low price – it even comes with a deck of cards too!

    In effect, a card is chosen (free choice) and the cards are placed in the houlette. A ribbon covers the houlette to aid in retrieving the cards without touching the cards at the appropriate moment. You show the front and back card to ensure it is not their one, then you begin to remove a card one at a time – each one you remove you place in the clip in front of the houlette. When the spectator cries out stop, you simply pull the ribbon and the very next card pops into view … of course it is their card. The houlette works so well that the audience member themselves could be pulling the cards out each time. And they can even pull out the final one too.

    I overlooked this effect when I first owned it, but realise now how very nice it is.

    Highly recommended.

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