Emergency by El Duco’s Magic

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Emergency, one of the coolest card locations ever!

Effect: Spread a deck face-down on the table. Ask a spectator to choose a card and sign it. The card goes back into the deck, which is shuffled and spread on the table. You will try and find the selected card with the help of your “medical assistant.”

Bring out a small Matchbox-style ambulance! Ask the spectator to “drive” the ambulance over the cards. Suddenly the lights flash and the sirens sound! The spectator stops the car. You remove about ten cards in the area where the ambulance stopped.

Arrange these ten cards in a new row. Once again the spectator moves the ambulance over the cards. On one card only, the siren starts to sound and the lights flash! This is an Emergency! What card did you take? Ask him to turn over the card with the ambulance on it. It is his signed card!! Wow!!

The special ambulance does it all. No force. Nothing to hide in your hands. Use your own deck. And, the ambulance can be examined!

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