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Borodin Locket by Wonder Workshop Berlin Sea-Ling’s True Love by Richard Gerlitz Chan Canasta’s Book of Oopses by Chan Canasta 21st Century Coin Mechanics by Larry Barnowsky Second Time Around by Roy Johnson Super Chip and Coin by Johnny Wong Tricycle by Daniel Garcia, Luke Dancy Instant Radio V2 by MagiGadgets Show Time at The Tom-Foolery by Richard Kaufman Bee Poker Book/Box by USPC Voodoo Doll by Dick Barry Mystery Box III by John Kennedy Visible Ribbon Fusion by Petrick & Mia Coin-Trap-Tion by G. Sparks Ju-Ju Stick by Repro 71 Changing Colors Paddle by Joe Porper Gamblers Touch by Precision Magic R V Production Box by Rip Vanwinkle