Prisoner’s Paw by Limited Edition Magic, U.F. Grant

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Another great stage item from U.F. Grant recreated by Joe Long and Paul Lembo.

Originally sold by UF Grant and available for only a very short time, the Prisoner’s Paw is an extremely hard to find piece of Grant apparatus. I searched for years before adding this clever effect to my collection. And it’s a fooler. A thin decorative cabinet is displayed all around. On the front is a door which drops down to allow a clear view through the cabinet,as there are three large open slats/windows on both the front and back walls. Also displayed is a solid metal panel which is decorated to look like a brick wall.

With the front door open, the performer places his hand inside and turns the cabinet around so that the audience may see his hand plainly visible through both the front and back windows. With the back of the cabinet facing the audience and the hand always in view, the metal wall is now placed into the cabinet in front of the hand.

The cabinet is again turned around and the solid wall is clearly in place and visible through the front windows. During this entire time, the front door remains open,adding an element of fairness to the procedure. The performer now removes his hand and dons a white glove (optional) and places his hand back in the cabinet,clearly behind the brick wall. He warns the audience not to blink,as he brings the front door up and instantly lowers it again… show that his hand has magically passed through the brick wall! The illusion is perfect. At this point the cabinet may be turned around and viewed from all sides.

If you want to follow the original Grant routine, he suggests performing the effect four times….with a white glove on, without the glove (so they see no fake hand is used), holding a borrowed object from the audience,and finally having the hand VISIBLY penetrate through the wall without closing the front door! If you like the effect, you’ll love the apparatus which is made by the same craftsman who built many of the Okito replicas for Dr. Albo’s classic series of books and videos. Finished in yellow, with black trim near the base and gold ball supports, the cabinet is trimmed with Okito style decals on the front, sides and back. As a tip of the hat to UF Grant, the front door features a striking black stencil of a dragon.

There were a few minor design flaws with the original Grant apparatus that have now been eliminated. One of which is the addition of a magnetic catch for the front door so no more falling open at the wrong time. A further improvement is the addition of the red brick design on both front and back of the solid wall. This simple addition greatly enhances the illusion. A beautiful piece for both performance and display. Includes a copy of the original Grant instructions. 

A beautiful cabinet, 8” x 10” x 3.5”- Slat front and back. You see clear thru. A thin metal plaque painted to represent a brick wall, is placed behind the front bars and your hand is placed behind that. The hand VISIBLY penetrates the brick wall, again, again and again! Works even while holding a borrowed finger ring! The more you repeat it, the more baffling it becomes. Complete with a patter idea about the thieves hand being put in jail and escaping, etc.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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