Okito, Berg Tip Over Box by George Ledo

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Most ordinary Tip-Over boxes are limited because of poor spectator sight lines. Your audience must be directly in front of the chest with no view of the sides, or you must perform very, very far upstage which looks sort of suspicious and dumb. The huge improvement from the collaboration between performer/inventor Okito (Theo Bamberg) and builder/dealer Joe Berg, was the addition of side doors that fall into place when the chest is tipped forward and cover the load chamber from view.

Effect: This innovations made the Chest a practical parlor prop for the first time. Before this beautiful high-quality handmade chest by George Ledo there have been no Oktio/Berg Chests manufactured for many decades.  The Chest was designed to hold as much as possible in the load chamber yet be a reasonable size for use on stage, there were many prototypes made before this final version was approved, so every possible shortcoming has been detected and solved.

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