Preston by Remote Control Magic Company

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Remote Control Magic Company was run by Paul Ruben in California. Preston was a one of a kind puppet built by Steve Daly (Tiny Bubbles) in Last Vegas for Paul.

Effect: Preston with original script and act including an audio tape of the role of Preston performed by FISM World Champion comedy magic winner, Robert Baxt. The entire act does not take a skilled ventriloquist, just performance, as all has been done for you. Preston comes complete with a one of a kind suit and psychic turban. He and the act is irreverent and hilarious. Complete 7 to 10 minute act that does not in any way take a ventriloquist as Preston’s hilarious lines are on tape and in the hysterical voice of FISM Winner, Robert Baxt with a letter of authenticity and all performance rights to Preston and the entire skit.

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Approx. Price: $900.00 (1999) ***

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