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Miller Miracle Wallet by Ray Piatt, Roy Miller

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One of my favorite and most useful wallets invented by Roy Miller and manufactured by New Jersey Inventor and Craftsman Ray Piatt.

A wallet, actually a card case that holds business cards or playing cards up to poker-size and fits in a shirt pocket. It is ultra thin and allows you to open to four different compartments, instead of the standard two compartments in a Himber Wallet. This is a real utility item.

Effect: It can be used for any effect requiring ‘outs.’ One, two, three or four ‘outs.’ Use double envelopes to get up to eight ‘outs!’ You can switch playing cards, business cards, credit cards, papers, envelopes – anything flat that will fit in the pocket of the wallet.

It is perfect for Date Book effects. The four built-in, wet-erase note pads can also be used for Add-A-Number effects. Included with the wallet are several excellent mentalism routines plus a bonus magic effect using paper currency. Made of the finest quality leather. It will fit comfortably in your shirt pocket, your pants pocket, or any of your jacket pockets. Thanks to the slim state-of-the-art design, your audience will be aware of only one opening.

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Approx. Price: $135.00 (2004) ***

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1 review for Miller Miracle Wallet by Ray Piatt, Roy Miller

  1. Andy Martin

    Ok, so this is now my Favorite Wallet!

    So almost 20 wallets is clearly too many, but 3 or 4 is perfect. I know what they are now. In first place would be this Miller Miracle Wallet. It is very well made, easy to use and very useful. It bascially is like a himber wallet but instead of two outs it has four. And they are so cleverly and cleanly concealed you could never guess. This wallet just makes sense to me.

    In Second place, would be R. Paul Wilson’s The Predator. In Third Place, Larry Becker’s Versadex Wallet – there are times where this is just easier to use than The Predator. Finally, I want a long Himber Wallet to perform Xerox Money.

    That’s it. If I had to choose just one wallet, then The Miller Miracle Wallet would be it since for most effects this will work perfectly. It will also turn so so effects into miracles, and without requring any undue practice or handling.

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