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Versadex Wallet by Larry Becker

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Effect: At last! A practical and elegant pocket index that doesn’t require pockets and can be used under their noses, in plain sight.

This VERSAtile inDEXing wallet includes five complete, audience-proven routines and unlimited potential! VERSADEX is beautifully hand fashioned from the highest quality black calf leather and features three deep compartments for credit cards plus two facing pockets to hold business cards and your paper currency. It’s 4″ wide x 6-3/4″ long (10cm x 17cm)to provide a filing cabinet’s instant access and easy indexing for more than a dozen business cards, billets, and more. This wallet is not intended to be an everday ‘carry wallet’ but will certainly be accepted as such by anyone who sees it.

Five Powerhouse Routines!

The Universal Word – Imagine chatting up someone just before showtime, inviting her to think of a single word which she will reveal to you later, during your performance. She writes nothing down and tells no one. She has the option of changing her word any time and, until she reveals her choice
to one and all, she is the only person in the entire universe who knows the word in her mind.

Later, after asking her to join him, the performer gazes into her eyes and writes something on a scrap of paper which is quarter-folded and openly tucked into a small pocket in his wallet. To ensure accuracy, the participant holds the wallet so everyone can easily see the folded paper. After she reads aloud her word’s dictionary definition, she removes the folded paper from the wallet. When she opens it and reads aloud what you wrote, your prediction is the exact same definition and word as hers!

7 pages of detailed instructions give you 4 more real-world routines:

  • Dual Destiny – A random participant’s Zodiac sign and lucky card both match yours, and you prove it!
  • Burn-Baby-Burn! – She incinerates 51 cards in an imaginary bonfire – your wallet holds the 52nd!
  • Flipping Impossible – Using imaginary coins, a 5-person ‘flip-off’ is accurately predicted!
  • Double Digit Quickie – The audience calls out a random 2-digit number – it’s in your wallet, of course.

Each powerful presentation is audience-tested, direct from Larry Becker’s personal repertoire.

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Approx. Price: $125.00 (2000) ***

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1 review for Versadex Wallet by Larry Becker

  1. Andy Martin

    Thank-you Larry – This is very cool!

    Larry Becker has a wonderful line of unique effects and tools for the mentalist. This particular wallet is one of my favorites. It allows you to basically predict up to 13 different predictions: cards, billets, bills, etc. It has so many possibilities, the mind boggles! I love it!

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