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Bauer 18 – Xerox Money by Ron Bauer

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Effect: The Ron Bauer Private Studies Series provides, according to Ron, an “entire, step-by-step course in learning to think like a conjurer.” The books are not dependent on each other, however, so you don’t have to own all 24. This effect is a “money printing” trick in which the magician’s greed is his undoing in the end. Comes with specially printed (and very well done) “$360” bills and the necessary blank sheets. You need to supply some extra items as indicated below.


1 Introduction: Overview of the basic effect
2 Premise: How Ron’s approach works
3 Required Materials and Set Up: In addition to the special bills with the manuscript, you will also need a Himber wallet (or Z-fold), five $1 bills, five $2 bills (should be crisp and preferably in sequence serial number order), waxed paper, rubber cement, and Post-It paper
7 Step-By-Step Procedure: complete routine detailed
18 The Illusion In a Nutshell: analysis of the routine
18 Premise-Driven: the premise drives the performance
18 Analysis if the Illusion: introduction
19 Magicians As Actors: an introduction to subtext
20 Addendum: How to Make “High Tech Xerox Paper” and Double Sided Bills. A valuable tutorial on Slip-Sheeting

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1 review for Bauer 18 – Xerox Money by Ron Bauer

  1. Andy Martin

    Easy to do and Great Entertainment!

    All of the booklets in Ron Bauer’s Private Studies series are a lot more than instructions on how to do the trick. They are complete performance pieces, discussing every move, nuance, and reason why. He takes you through the process so well that at the end, if you practice and follow what he says, you are able to create a performance of the highest calibre.

    This effect is great fun, easy to do and really wows the audience. The money turns from blanks to $1, then $2, then to $100, at which point things go wrong and the notes are shown to be counterfeit. Its a blast! Highly recommended!

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