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Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson

(c. 2003) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is the original limited edition brown lizard skin wallet that was first released directly from R. Paul Wilson. To my mind it was the best version Paul released crafted by Joe Porper.  The later versions still had the same great features but the leather was not as elegant.

Effect: The Predator a utility device that allows you to perform absolute miracles with ease. It comes with three powerhouse effects that will destroy your audience in professional shows, client meetings, restaurants, or at the bar. It’s versatility allows for limitless possibilities, yet it fits perfectly into your pants pocket. The Predator Wallet comes with three miracle effects including Paul’s highly acclaimed Psycho Killer routine.

Effect 1:
Imagine being able to bet real money on a card someone is merely thinking of! You begin with just three dollar bills and bet on the suit and value of the card in their mind (a completely free choice). Finally, with the three bills on the table in full view and the wallet clearly shown empty, the bills are turned over to show the name of the thought-of card written across the bills!

Effect 2:
You show a small envelope in your wallet before having any card thought of? The envelope is removed (you may even show that there are no other envelopes in the wallet) and the thought-of card appears inside the envelope!

Effect 3:
You have someone merely think of a card before vou remove one face-down and place it into your wallet? Asking what card they are thinking of, you deal he deck showing fifty one cards, their thought of card is gone and is cleanly removed from the wallet!

This is a must-have for both magicians and mentalists who want to show their audiences no mercy. Along with renowned master craftsman, Joe Porper, Paul has developed a product that matches quality with ingenuity.

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2003) ***

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3 reviews for Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson

  1. Andy Martin

    Very Beautiful and You Will Use It!

    I have owned a lot of wallets. So why would I drop the unheard of $250 smackers on one more wallet?

    Well, because it’s a bloody marvel! It looks like a real wallet, it feels like a real wallet, it can be shown like a real wallet, but it is an incredible utility device that blows away every other wallet I have seen – even one of my favorites the Versadex Wallet.

    It can be used to perform countless miracles. It comes with 3 routines but you will quickly use it for more. The first effect that you will do is called Psycho Killer – and this is just pure gold. Grab one now, before they stop making them! Highly recommended!

  2. Andy Martin

    Still incredible!

    Some times when you receive a new magic effect the reviews are overly gushing with enthusiasm, only to find when you sit down and play with the effect more that they are not quite all what they are cracked up to be.

    It has been about 14 months since I purchased the Predator Wallet and I have used it many times since my initial review. I can honestly say that it is my secret weapon when I want that killer effect to really blow them away. I nearly always end my close-up act with this now and just know I will leave them speechless.

    Yes I do perform the "Psycho Killer" effect, and I know you could perform many other great effects, but for me it is just about perfect.

  3. Daniel D

    I carry this everywhere and will never sell it. I saw Andy perform this online and started hunting for it immediately. It combines three principles and the spectators never see the ending coming. There was a lot of drama on magiccafe about ID cards not fitting, however mine fit fine. There are also pockets in the back where you can store your larger cards or spending money. Paul Wilson and Joe Porper should be incredibly proud.

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