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Ultimate Silk Crystals (Flash Silk Vanish and Appearance) by Richard Gerlitz

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Absolutely the Fastest Silk Vanish and Appearance using the Finest in Magical Apparatus. These were one of the most beautiful items Richard created and highly sought after today.

Effect: Two crystal goblets are shown, each containing a different color silk. The left silk is removed and placed in front of the right crystal. The right silk is then removed and used to cover the empty goblet on the left. The remaining silk is then placed in the right goblet. The magician holds the right goblet in front of him and the silk visibly vanishes right before the spectators eyes! The silk appears to literally implode upon itself and vanish into thin air! At the same moment, the magician whisks away the silk covering the other goblet, and the vanished silk visibly fills the goblet to overflowing.

These are not plastic cups with a piece of shinny metal stuck inside and a couple of silks jammed in. The 2 goblets are genuine French Leaded Crystal with a frosted design at the top, and are banded with Nickel Filigree.

Inside are glass, optical quality, front surface mirrors only 3/64 inch thick. Cleverly hidden among the glass cuts, frosting, and nickel banding.

The first goblet contains a special miniature apparatus powered by a main spring out of a pocket watch that will instantly pull and wind the silk from in front of the mirror, to behind it, in a fraction of a second. The vanish is quite startling! The apparatus is held firmly in place by magnets, but can be easily removed for resetting. Because the silk is attached by high tack tape, there is no damage to the silk from repeat performances.

The vanish is easily made by pushing a small button on the back side of the glass. This was accomplished by using a diamond drill to drill a small hole in the crystal.

The second goblet has a duplicate silk, the same color as the vanished one, hidden behind the mirror and is also held to the bottom of the goblet by a magnet. Attached to 2 ends of the silk is a smaller magnet. The cover silk has a powerful Neodymium Magnet sewn inside it, so when it covers the goblet, the small magnet in the compressed silk is attracted and attached to it. When the cover silk is whisked away, the magnet pulls the compress silk out completely filling the goblet to overflowing before releasing. This causes the silk to actively appear instead of just looking like it was stuffed into the goblet.

All crystal sets are Hallmarked and Serial Numbered. Limited to 12 sets, 6 with the Star design and 6 with the Heart design. I will be keeping 1 set of each, so the remaining 5 Star design sets are being offered at this time and the other 5 Heart sets will be offered at a later date. Besides the 2 crystal goblets, included are: 3 gaffed silks (colors may vary), vanish mechanism, winder, and extra high tack tape. Complete photo illustrated instructions are included. This is first class workmanship throughout. If you are not familiar with my workmanship, check out my Antique Prediction Watches.

Genuine French Crystal Goblets, Optical Quality Mirrors, Dependable Mechanism, Serial Numbered Sets 3 Gaffed Silks.

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Approx. Price: $405.00 (2001) ***

Notice: I am not a dealer and this item is not for sale on this site. It maybe available in the links below or at our sister site: qualitymagicsales.com, but not from here so please do not ask.
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2 reviews for Ultimate Silk Crystals (Flash Silk Vanish and Appearance) by Richard Gerlitz

  1. Andy Martin


    Richard is as nice as his magic is beautiful! These babies are sweet and although they just sit there on my shelf, I still love them.

    Thanks Richard for the quality and beauty!

  2. George Guerra


    If you have not already realized it, I am a fan of Richard Gerlitz’s magic. This item is beautiful to look at and the effect is wonderful.
    Being very limited produced makes it unique as well.

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