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Sea-Ling’s Orb of Truth by Richard Gerlitz

Another great close-up item from Richard Gerlitz.

Approx. Price: $1200.00 (11/2006) ***

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7 reviews for Sea-Ling’s Orb of Truth by Richard Gerlitz

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    Christmas came early and what a surprise!

    This is the latest from that remarkable craftsman, Richard Gerlitz, and, believe me, this new release is so much better up close than the photos that Richard put up on his site, and that includes my own. For some reason, the vibrancy of the apparatus is not captured. It clearly is a showpiece and the mechanics is to feast on for cleverness. The working is smooth and effortless, so you can stir up quite a presentation for a truly magical experience. Every detail has been carefully thought out and meticulously carried out in the construction of this apparatus.

    The felt mounts at the base of each column provides perfect alignment and steadies each cover tube; no fussing needed. Use of small screws with opposite side signaling has subtleness and the action is imperceptible to the spectator on resting the orb. The smooth flatness of the material on the orb holder camouflages any triggering mechanism…no suspicious bulge there. Transparency in the glass columns removes any thoughts of being gimmicked. These are only a few fine points from a man known for perfecting his magic creations. Any faults…I can’t find any.

    With the last three releases, Richard has outdone himself in the realm of mini-magic and I consider myself quite fortunate to be among the small band of loyal buyers able to acquire a Gerlitz magical piece on its initial release. I have written accolades on Richard’s magic over the years, and, yet, he still surprises me with every new release.

    Quite simply…AMAZING!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bob Tysl

    Sea-Ling’s Orb Of Truth

    I Just received the "Sea-Ling’s Orb of Truth" and the item is fabulous!!! The apparatus is beautiful and excellent engineering makes this very deceptive. I think that Richard Gerlitz will go down in magic history as one of the most innovative (if not the most innovative) magic builder. His items are so much different than from other craftsman. I think that other magic builders are judged on how nice the woodwork is on a die box. However, the die box is a very old effect. Thus, Richard Gerlitz creates completely new effects or enhances an old idea so much that it becomes a new piece. I look forward to his future items!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Doug King

    The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth!

    Okay… the whole truth and nothing but the truth is: Richard’s "Orb of Truth" is absolutely awesome! I always think Richard can never surpass his last creation… but he always seems to create yet another winner. I love all of his pieces! Of the last three "tube" effects Richard has released, this one has got to be my favorite. I first thought I did not like the color scheme when I saw the website pictures… but, then when I opened the box, the colors screamed… "beauty"! Then upon playing with the piece, the "secret move" brought a smirk to my face. It is unbelievable to watch… and perform! I love it… it is a delight to perform and a cherished collectible to display… and that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the "Orb of Truth".

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brett Schulman

    Sea-Ling’s Orb of Truth

    WOW, Richard has done it again. Can it get any better? This latest release from Richard is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. The graphics are sharp and the brass and glass stand out perfectly against the black felt bass. The orb looks amazing just sitting there. The mechanics are perfect and diabolical.

    No one is making magic like this and all I can say is keep it coming. I can’t wait till the next piece.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    K. Bailey Freund

    I second the motion!

    I have to agree with what every reviewer has said so far. What I would like to underline, however, is how in every way (and some ways unimagined) when Richard Gerlitz presents a new item for the magic community-you can be guaranteed that your experience-when you open the box and see the piece and observe its functioning will always exceed your expectations. Sea-Ling’s Orb of Truth is an object of beauty-as has been stated. However-it is also so masterfully crafted that-in performing it-you are assured that it work as intended-flawlessly. Richard Gerlitz has again contributed an original piece of art that also functions like a charm. Thank you, Richard.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom Pearson

    Absolutely Awesome

    Richard again has surpassed my wildest expectations. What a craftsman, engineer, magic thinker and perfectionist! My only disappointment is not having been able to purchase some of his earlier items to include in my collection.

    Everything about Orb of Truth is just beautiful and perfect, and the mechanism is ingenious and flawless in operation. Nothing I can say can really do justice to this effect. I agree with all of the other reviewers of Orb of Truth. The workmanship and finish is just "absolutely awesome."

    I can’t wait to see Richard’s next creation.

    Tom Pearson
    Dallas, TX

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gene Gonzalez

    The Best Divination Ever Made !!!

    Richard Gerlitz has done it again …A true masterpiece of magic ..The Orb Of Truth. This beautifull effect works so smooth and resets automatically its just amazing.I feel bad for who ever missed out on this one. This is by far the best divination ever made. This is my new favorite Richard Gerlitz effect ..At least until his next one comes out !!

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