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Cutting Edge Card Box by Richard Gerlitz

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Every now and them Richard Gerlitz comes down to the cheap seats … but even when he does you can expect a quality product as with this Cutting Edge Card Box.

This is a little different, clever, and entertaining!

Effect: Spectator’s selected card is found to be the only one not cut to shreds in a box of cards after a razor blade is inserted along with the deck of cards.

Magician has the spectator select a card from a Red Bicycle deck. Magician say’s “Wouldn’t it be something if the top card in the Blue box matched your card?” The Blue deck is removed from the box and the top card shown, not the selected card, nor is the second one.

Frustrated, the magician places the deck back in the card box, but this time, inserts a razor blade among the cards. “We’ll do it the hard way then” he says.

Box is shaken vigorously and a rattling sound is heard. When the box is opened, all the cards are cut to shreds, except one, the spectator’s card.

The deck of cards is a well made shell with the back open. It is filled with cut cards and the spectator’s forced card and held in place by an easy release flap. Card box is double ended. Entirely self working. Razor blades not included. Use your own Red deck.

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Approx. Price: $20.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Cutting Edge Card Box by Richard Gerlitz

  1. George Guerra

    Nice and unusual

    One of Richard’s “inexpensive” items. Card chosen and another deck freely shown and returned to its case with a razor. Moments later cards come out cut into pieces, except one large one which is the selected card. Different and clever. Entertaining!

  2. Brett Schulman

    Cutting edge card box

    I was lucky enough to get one of these rare beauties on Ebay recently. As with all of Richard’s magic it is made perfectly. It is a great effect and the reaction from your spectators is always nice. It is another of richard’s effects that you can use in the real world. Easy to perform and easy to reset.

    These, like all of Richard’s pieces are hard to impossible to find. Buy it whenever you can. It is a great trick not to mention a good investment.

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