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Oriental Die Box by Richard Gerlitz

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One of the lower priced (at least when it was released) Richard Gerlitz beauties based on the old Thayer item the Eli Dice Box c. 1922.

The Okito style decal is beautiful. The effect is a prediction of the total on three dice after several shakes in the box. The method is clever and the prop accomplishes the effect without any struggle on the magician’s part.

In Ottokar Fischer’s wonderful book Illustrated Magic he describes this wonderful effect with the this type of box that I think you will enjoy:

The Magic of Numbers: At the start the performer writes a number on a slip of paper, and lays the slip into a book, his note-book, for instance, which is then put aside and not touched during the rest of the experiment. Next he shows a pretty little round wooden box, in which are kept three dice. The dice may be examined ; they are quite innocent. The performer puts the dice in the box, puts on the cover, and shakes vigorously. Holding the box behind his back, he takes off the lid and has someone remember the total number of spots showing on the three dice. Closing the box once more, he shakes again, and again has someone count up the spots on the upper face of the dice; these are to be added to the previous total. A third time he shakes, takes off the lid, and rolls the dice out on the table, requesting the spectators to add to the previous totals the sum of the spots now uppermost, but to keep this grand total to themselves. Now the performer opens the book, takes out the slip of paper which he put in at the start of the trick, and lays it face down on the table, requesting the spectators to name their total. This is done, and a spectator turns over the slip. The conjurer wrote the very sum at the start of the trick!

Effect: The magician displays a small die box with an oriental design on the lid. He removes the cover and dumps out 3 dice. The spectator puts the dice back in the box and the magician replaces the lid. The box is set aside and the magician writes down a prediction on a piece of paper. He then picks up the die box and shakes it. The lid is removed and the spectator adds up the total showing on the dice. The lid is then replaced, the box shaken and the lid removed, and the dice are totaled a second time. This is repeated again for a third time. The spectator now has the totals of 3 random shakes. When the 3 figures are added together, the spectator is amazed to find it matches the magicians prediction!  

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2002) ***

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3 reviews for Oriental Die Box by Richard Gerlitz

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple and Very well made

    I haven’t been able to afford some of RIchard’s stuff recently but picked up a couple of his cheaper items over Christmas. This box is not a sure-shot box which is what I thought it was. But it works real well, and to my mind is less error prone than the old sure-shot boxes.

    A simple ruse allows a very clean prediction of the shaken dice. And of course its very clean and beautifully made as is all of Richard’s stuff!

  2. Todd Dowell

    A true close up collector’s piece

    I like this effect alot. Granted it is expensive, but very limited and beautifully made. I actually couldn’t figure out how the magic happened and fooled myself the first time I used this. Basically the dice are placed into the box by the spectator, shook, and the numbers added up. This is done again. And, once again. All numbers are added up and it is found that the total matches a written prediction that was in full view of the audience at all times. Very diabolical. This is not a sure shot box. Baffling.

  3. George Guerra

    Another beauty from Richard Gerlitz

    I received this piece shortly after Richard released it and it’s a nicely done piece of magic. His “bigger” items are expensive, so it’s nice to see the more “affordable” stuff as a break. These are all limited edition and serially numbered pieces, which makes them collectible. The prop is plastic but well made. The Okito style decal is beautiful. The effect is a prediction of the total on three dice after several shakes in the box. The method is clever and the prop accomplishes the effect without any struggle on the magician’s part.

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