Colin & Sharron Rose

Posted September 21, 2009:

Hello Andy,
Congratulations on your new Website!
Everything is so beautifully laid out with wonderful photographs …a fabulous magic resource site that Magicians are sure to visit time and time again…This new site is set to become a firm favourite with anyone who loves magic…and I will certainly be adding it to my links page.
To be included with some of Magic’s Finest Artisans & Craftsmen today is a real honour for us and we thank you most sincerely for your continued support and encouragement…the site is more than a showcase for your own collection, it is an informed directory of the ‘Magical Artistry’ that is being made today and a record of Magic Collectibles for the future… “The Magic Goes On”
In Magic & Friendship
Sharron & Colin Rose
Five of Hearts Magic

Colin & Sharron Rose

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