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Crazy Fall Apart Stool by Roy Baker, Supreme Magic Company

(c. 1974,1977) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This was invented by Roy Baker c. 1974 and designed for Roy by Harry Reeve, it was later licensed exclusively by Supreme Magic Company c. 1977.

Effect:  The magician asks a spectator to sit on a stool while holding a prop. I in fact use it, as many people will know, in conjunction with the 20th Century Silks, but almost any trick may be used. The magician snaps his fingers and the spectator leaps from the stool as if motivated by an electric shock. This is repeated many times and both the performer and the spectator move the stool to different positions on the floor but still the helper leaps from the stool at every snap of the fingers of the performer.

When proceedings have reached a point that the spectators are almost helpless with laughter the spectator is told to bring the stool to the other side of the floor. THERE IS ONE GREAT YELL AS ALL THE LEGS OF THE STOOL FALL OFF WITH A CRASH. The effect on the audience MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED.

The stool is beautifully made. Easy to reassemble, a job taking only about 5 seconds. Does not fall apart until you want it to. We give the secret of how to make the chap leap up from his seat exactly as we do it. This item has been part of my act for over twenty years and never fails to register.

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Approx. Price: $100.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Crazy Fall Apart Stool by Roy Baker, Supreme Magic Company

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple but effective!

    This little stool or table works everytime, is easy to reset and is a riot with the kids!

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