Time Warp by Heinz Minten, Tony Curtis

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This effect is a fine effect using a very well made wallet that allows you to perform a very direct and simple think of any hour type effect. But just in case you already have the Heirloom Wallet, think twice before you buy this effect since the wallet is almost exactly the same. In fact, either the same manufacturer made these and made a slight change to one pocket at the end, or this wallet was altered slightly for the Heirloom Wallet. You could certainly use the Heirloom Wallet for this effect, but it would be nice to have the specially printed (and laminated) cards.

This effect is not as strong as Heirloom primarily due to the presentation. Otherwise it is still a worth having, just don’t buy both wallets – unless like me you fancy doing an easy any card from wallet and purchase 4 wallets!!!

Effect: A spectator is asked to think of any hour of the day. After they have revealed there choice the performer then takes a small leather wallet from his pocket. A prediction card is removed from the wallet and placed face down on the table. The wallet is now shown to be empty apart from a few banknotes remaining. Finally the prediction card is turned over to reveal the face of a pocket watch showing the exact time as selected by the spectator. No force or multiple outs used. This effect incorporates the Sho-gun Wallet principle created by Elbert L Gardner and is used with kind permission of Steven Brown U.S.A. owner of Al’s Magic shop.

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Approx. Price: $85.00 (2013) ***

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