Mini-Switch II (Zippered Z-Fold Wallet) by Heinz Minten

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Effect: Selected Card Appears In The Zippered Compartment of This Special Wallet. The two-way wallet has become a standard prop for switching items or for use in effects where multiple predictions are required. It can be used in many routines described in magical literature. This top quality mini size leather wallet has been specially made for secretly switching playing cards, credit cards, banknotes, business cards, and slips of paper.

This deluxe version is made of leather with a cloth satin lining that is a dark purple in color. It is the perfect size to carry credit cards, or alternately the performer’s business cards. Actual size, when closed, is 5 inches in length by 3-1/4 inches wide. It is the ideal size to accommodate playing cards.

The wallet is the “Z” Fold style without tapes across the ends of the wallet as used in some switch wallets and which necessarily makes those wallets thicker. The Mini Switch ll Wallet is approximately 1/4 inch thick and lies flat when placed on the table.

Comes with basic use instructions.

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