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Perfect Time III by Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 1982) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The Perfect Time watch (Invented by CW) has been copied, but the cheap imitations pale in contrast to the high quality and precision provided by our original system. Perfect Time III is an improved version of our original offering. The watch-works are superior as is our system. We have improved our system to eliminate the problems experienced in some of the earlier versions. I stand behind our current offering 100%.

Effect: The performer removes his wrist watch and asks a spectator to examine it. It is a fully functioning quality quartz watch. The spectator is allowed to set the hands at any time he/she wishes, etc. Finally, the performer states that he will make an impossible prediction.

Retrieving the watch, the performer sets the hands of his watch at a particular time. He holds the watch by the band, away from his body as he asks for two more volunteers. Each person is asked to create a specific time by mentally thinking of the numbers on the face of a clock. One person thinks of the hour and the other two people each think of a number that will collectively become the minutes. Let us assume that the first spectator thinks of 10 (i.e. 10 o’clock) and the other two spectators create the minutes, i.e. 22. The time created is then, 10:22.

The performer hands the watch to one of the spectators and he reads the time… 10:22 which had been set by the performer before any numbers were given!

There is absolutely no force. Any time can be predicted. The effect can be immediately repeated. You can absolutely predict the exact time with no fumbling, no tipping of the watch, no funny moves, etc. Our system allows you to arrive at the chosen time with complete confidence and speed.

You receive a beautiful functioning time-piece with a genuine leather strap that can be worn and used daily. The watch keeps accurate time, yet is at your disposal to create instant miracles.

An incredible ice-breaker; can be used in walk-around situations; trade-show work, etc. A highly prized effect guarded and used by well know mentalists the world over. Included in the instructions is the routine used by Mentalist Craig Crossman; sure-fire and strong!

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Approx. Price: $349.00 (2005) ***

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2 reviews for Perfect Time III by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    Finally, the Original is back, better than ever before!

    George Robinson is a very brave man! Even after 100’s (or 1000’s) of Perfect Time ripoffs have been sold, he embarked on producing the definitive version of the original Collector’s Workshop masterpiece: Perfect Time. This was more a labor of love than anything else I have seen George create and he had a number of set-backs along the way which would have put off most other manufacturers. But George soldiered on, and finally Perfect Time III is here. And this indeed is Perfect!

    The timing is perfect too, as I have spoken to many magicians who have started to realise how poor the ripoffs really are, and if they intend to regularly perform this miracle that they better have the best version. There is only one official version of Perfect Time, and their is only one version that you will ever need, and Perfect Time III is the one.

    The watch is a class act from top to bottom. Even the case that the watch comes in is a heavy duty quality, not the cheaper ones you see with the pretenders. The watch itself looks totally normal and really is a pleasure to wear. It even keeps the correct time as of course a watch is meant to do. You really can just wear this watch as your normal watch and it will always be ready to tell the time and to produce a miracle at the drop of hat.

    The mechanism itself is incredible – very, very solid and reliable. George has had these things running in his shop for months now, and they just keep on going. You can feel the difference when you use the watch too. There is nothing I can fault about this watch. It looks real, if acts real, it is 100% reliable and the mechanism starts and stops without you moving your wrist or touching the face of the watch. If you have never fancied performing this effect before, now is the time to try it out.

    Buy it now, before they run out again! Highly Recommended!

  2. cahyo


    It is perfect time, the perfect PERFECT TIME.
    A worthed to buy….


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