Watch and Wear by Bazar de Magia

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This is the first watch released by Bazar de Magia that is basically their version of Collectors’ Workshop’s Perfect Time.

The biggest difference between this one and CW is that there are no external devices required and everything is self contained. Cycle times are about the same as Perfect Time too. This watch was about half the price of CW’s and I think it looked like it, so a good example of getting what you pay for.

I talk at some length about Fred Hager’s efforts with Blown Away and ripping off Perfect Time, and similar comments could be leveled for this watch.  You can read my comments here.

Effect: The magician set his watch to a certain time, the spectator chooses any time of the day, in hours and minutes, and the time set by the magician matches with the one named by the spectator!

  • Watch May Be On The Table At All Times
  • Magician Never Comes Near The Watch
  • May Be Performed With the Watch On Your Wrist The Entire Time
  • No Magnets
  • You May Wear It As Your Normal Watch

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Approx. Price: $175.00 (2001) ***

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