Cesaral Time Perfect by Cesaral

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So this is a closer to a wristwatch sized version of Collectors’ Workshops masterpiece Gift of Time rather than Perfect Time. You’d think it would be perfect, but there are three main issues: you need the wooden stand, the watch doesn’t look like any watch I’d ever want to wear, and it is not cheap!

The magician takes his watch, and sets a time. He then leaves it on top of a wooden support so that everybody can see it. He will never touch it again! The magician asks the spectator to imagine, and then announce any time of the day, even to the exact minute! The spectator himself then takes the watch and checks the time, revealing that the predicted time is an exact match to the spectator’s announced time!

Important points:

  • This watch tells time and can be used as an everyday watch.
  • The watch can be given out for examination at any time.
  • Perform it in close-up or on stage.
  • Incredible high precision mechanism. An investment of a lifetime!
  • Brand new unique method for time machines! The cleanest one!
  • Available in limited supply of fifty units.
  • Many presentation ideas are possible!

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Approx. Price: $1300.00 (2006) ***

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