Clearly Predictable by Harrison Carroll

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The Best Version of A Classic!

I’m a big fan of the Bob Mason’s original Predicta Total effect and really like the version Magic Wagon did recently too, but this version from Harrison Carroll takes it to a whole new level. The use of the clear board is genius and removes any suspicions the audience might have. The extra board to sum the values streamlines the process and even the little wand to hand out the numbers is another great addition. It is very obvious that Mr. Carroll has worked with the basic idea for many years and has put all of his ideas and gathered suggestions, into this marvelous ultimate product.

This is one that will totally fool them. It is perfectly clean and easy to do and will be a big hit in your act. Most Highly Recommended

Effect: You display a prediction that is left in full view during the entire routine, you could even mail it in if you wanted! You then display nine individual chips numbered one through nine. Three chips are given to each of three spectators. The spectator mixes them freely, and then hands you any number to be hung openly on a clear plexi-glass square. This is repeated with each number and each spectator. They choose any number and any slot in their row, nor force of any kind is used. They clearly see the disk is placed exactly where they requested….or they can change their mind and see if moved to the new location. All of the choices and mixing is completely free and as open as could be. The numbers on the square are now openly added to form a four digit total.

For the first time a spectator opens the prediction and both numbers are a perfect match!

Based on a classic of mentalism and produced with permission, Clearly Predictable is the result of years of real world performing. Here are just a few important points to remember:

  • The predication can be different every show.
  • The handling is completely open and fair.
  • Great effect for corporate work.
  • Easily fits into any stand-up routine, mental or magic.
  • Lightweight and breaks down for easy transport.
  • Most add-a-number routines rely on the spectator or assistant to communicate confirmation to the audience. But in Clearly Predictable all steps can be seen and easily followed by all.

Comes complete with everything you need, including:

  • Dry Erase Marker,
  • Easel,
  • Prediction Envelope,
  • Custom Made Numerical Chips,
  • Custom Made Dry Erase Board,
  • Custom Made Clear Plexi-Glass Number Board,
  • Custom Made Chip Holder,
  • Plastic Accessory Box,
  • PLUS, a detailed CD-ROM for use in either a Mac or PC. The disk has full video performance and explanation, as well as a 14 page PDF file with additional information and ideas.

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