World’s Greatest Prediction Chest by Arturo, Roydon, Bob Mason

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One of he finest prediction chests ever built. It was originally conceived by (Harry) Roydon. He turned it over to Arturo (Glenn Babbs) who was able to reduce the size. Bob Mason then worked on the routine and smoothed the whole thing out. Mason also made the large size prediction possible and designed the key box, etc. With the brains of all three men at work an ultimate product resulted. The chests are crafted by Arturo and then completely checked over and re-worked by Mason. Mason also designed and made the Plexiglas display box.

Effect: A locked chest is shown to a committee and seals are marked by them. Chest is now locked inside of a plastic display box. Chest is generally then put on display in a window of a local store, bank, etc. A week later the chest is brought to your performance by the committee. Chest is removed from display box and the seals checked. They open box and remove the large prediction. It is seen to be correct.

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Approx. Price: $1995.00 (2015) ***

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