Charlie Van Horn

Posted March 24, 2017:


As a Hobbyist/Collector (as I call myself) I cannot tell you how many times I refer to your website as the first place I go to look for your review (and others) on an effect to decide if its the kind of Magic I want. It saves so much research time I am sure for so many people such as myself and others. This website is a true gift to magic and I know must be an act of love of magic and the magic community as you must buy most of the magic you review and then that which you do not keep you sell at a loss. I do not think people realize this and that this is not really a money making venture for you but more importantly a gift to the rest of the magic community. From all of us magicians, hobbyist, collectors etc, thank You for this endeavor and I hope you are able to keep it going for a long long time to come.

Charlie Van Horn
New Orleans

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