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Predicta Total by Bob Mason

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Effect: Show 9 yellow plastic discs,each having a big number. Mix them up. Show a black plastic board fitted out with pegs. Nine pegs are arranged in three rows. Three spectators assist, but they can give directions from their seats. They direct where they wish the various face down numbers to be hung on
the board. After all nine discs are hung up, board is handed to a fourth spectator. He turns over all the discs and exposes the numbers to full view. Everyone can add up the three rows of digits.

THE TOTAL MATCHES EXACTLY A PREDICTION MADE A DAY – A WEEK – A MONTH BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE! ! (you have a different total every show, too.) Prediction can be as YOU wish – positively no switching of predictions.

Board and discs are ungimmicked. No stooges used. We send you the entire deluxe outfit, the no-glare Kydex board (11″ x 11”) and nine 2″ discs, the full instructions and routine which includes Mason’s own material with lots of visual action and laughs. Packs flat.

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2005) ***

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1 review for Predicta Total by Bob Mason

  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful, but I Paid Way Too Much

    Predicta Total is a very good effect. It is direct, to the point, has almost nothing tricky looking, and packs a punch. All I regret is that I bought an original version and paid way more than it costs now.

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