Clairvoyance Chest (Neue Hellseh-Kassette) by Magiro

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Effect: The box is opened and the audience sees that it is empty, it is then closed and sealed with several rubber bands. Ask a spectator to shuffle a deck and spread it on the table with the backs facing up. Now you write three playing cards on a small piece of paper fold it once and place it on the table or have another spectator hold it.

Three spectators freely select one of the face down cards and without looking at them push them thru a slot Inside the box. The remaining cards are turned over so the audience can see that they are indeed all different. The box is opened and the cards are removed and looked at for the first time. The other spectator confirms that your prediction was 100% correct.

Now to really fry them all, you can repeat the effect and the spectator can even open the box and remove the cards and the prediction!

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