Caesar’s Sword (Casar’s Schwert) by Magiro

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A rare ring on sword effect that uses an unusual method.

Effect: The performer displays a decorative platform, a large white ring and a solid wooden sword. The platform has openings in the front which allow the spectators to see inside. There is a slit on the top just large enough for the ring to pass, and openings on the side through which the sword can be placed.

The wooden sword is passed through the platform. The ends are always visible. The white ring is shown and then placed into the groove at the top of the platform where it now rests on top of the sword which blocks its path. A spectator may try to push the ring down but finds that to be impossible.

The performer places his finger on the top of the ring and slowly revolves it. Suddenly, the ring drops into the cabinet….penetrating the sword! The ring and sword are still clearly visible through the front openings.

The performer then lifts the ring partially from the platform showing it on the sword! He then lifts them free from the platform … and both the sword and ring may be freely examined!

A combination of principles, including a uniquely designed mechanical platform, makes this one possible.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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