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Gift of Time (2017) by Collectors’ Workshop

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Gift of Time is one of the real treasures of the Collectors’ Workshop line of amazing magic created by Rich Bloch and John Good c. 1987.  Just in case you’ve never read the original adverts for this amazing item here is the full page in Rich Bloch’s own words, which are a treat in themselves:

Effect: The trouble with us magicians is that we constantly seek that one world-beater that will make our fame and fortune. Magic Crafters and friends (such as we) aid and abet this urge by portraying this effect and that as “reputation makers.” Fortunately, there comes a time, every so often, when an effect does present such astonishing possibilities as to create in and of itself, the possibility of lasting recognition for its performer. So it is with “A Gift of Time.”

Performer displays a well-wrapped gift box on stage, leaving the stage to stroll through the audience. The performer pauses, turning to a spectator chosen at random by other members of the audience. “Paint on the canvas of your mind the picture of a clock,” says the performer. “I am thinking of the hour hand on the clock and in my own mind I have placed that hand on a particular hour. Try, if you will, to receive my thoughts. Let the hour hand on your clock revolve until, for whatever reason, it comes to a stop. If our minds are in harm ony,that will be the hour that I have chosen and you have successfully divined. The spectator concentrates and names an hour.
Moving to another spectator, the performer again attempts to transmit his thoughts and, after due reflection, the second spectator selects minutes, attempting as before to receive your thought impression. (It’s a nice touch, isn’t it? Instead of attempting to pierce the innermost thoughts of an otherwise skeptical individual, you are attempting a feat of sensitivity and cooperation.)

A third spectator is now designated to return to the stage and open the gift-wrapped box. This done, a magnificent mantle clock is displayed. On face of that clock one sees the precise time the spectators have selected. The performer grasps the wrists of each of the contributing spectators and raises them high in a clearly- defined, and well earned, applause cue.

This extraordinary piece of precision equipment is fully usable in the largest auditoriums or the most intimate close-up situations. One performer we know simply keeps it locked in a cabinet in his living room. At the dinner table, when the discussion drifts toward magic, ESP, etc., he simply (but dramatically) hands the key to one of the guests and asks them to “check his prediction” which he has left locked in the next room. More often than not, an excited guest returns to the room to explain, disbelieving, what he or she has seen. The entire company then quickly adjourns to the room to confirm the miracle, at which point dessert and coffee are served.

This version of Gift of Time, created by the current owner of Collectors’ Workshop, my good friend, George Robinson is the definitive version of this amazing effect.

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Approx. Price: $2450.00 (2017) ***

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1 review for Gift of Time (2017) by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    So I’ve wanted one of these bad boys for probably twenty years and finally my good friend George Robinson has created the definitive version.  It looks like a high end mantle clock and works perfectly.  Within seconds any time of day (including minutes) can appear on the clock from many feet away.  The mechanism is 100% reliable and you will just love playing with this.

    There is nothing quite like the original and the amazing Gift of Time – get one before production ends!


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