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Skeleton Predict (Any Location Skeleton) by Mak Magic

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Effect: Magician has the spectator choose one card from the deck and remember it, then has them put the card back to any place in the deck. Then magicians spreads the cards, and bring out a skull hanging from a string from his pocket, putting the skull on top of each card. Suddenly the skull’s eyeballs are start flashing, with mysterious laughing! Like it’s found the card! So the magician turn over the first card and that is the card, and it is indeed the card selected by the spectator. This is just one effect you can do with the any location skeleton!

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1 review for Skeleton Predict (Any Location Skeleton) by Mak Magic

  1. Scary Larry :)

    Great Value/ Good Trick!

    This is a very good "Laser Beam" type apparatus.

    Be aware that as the prop is received form the source (I purchased 4 as gifts) the inner r–d sw—h is improperly positioned.

    You will need to open the housing and tape the sw—h in the correct position so the lighted eyes and maniacal laugh are activated when the skull is suspended vertically from the key chain.

    Other than that, this is a FUN effect that is super easy to present.

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