Firehouse Frenzy by Mak Magic

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In 1939 the Englishman Harry Leat invented what became one of the best and most enduring children’s effect of all time, to read more about the routine for this classic effect click here.

This version from MAK Magic comes with an interesting and novel routine.

Effect: Firehouse #3 just had a litter of Dalmatians delivered and Fireman Dan has his hands full. This looks like more dogs than Fireman Dan can handle. In fact, one gets away. Dan frantically searches for the lost puppy which always seems to be one step ahead of both Fireman Dan and the performer, but not the audience. They see the lost puppy as it wanders from Firehouse #3 to Firehouse #7.

The little lost puppy eludes Fireman Dan and the performer once again by running back to Firehouse #3. Catching up to the little lost one, Fireman Dan is able to trap him and corner him in Firehouse #7. Puppy peeks out from the side of Firehouse #7. With help from the audience, both Fireman Dan and the performer are able to catch the elusive one. Fireman Dan is then shown to be holding only one puppy.

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