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Mini Mak Rabbits (Hip Hop) by Mak Magic

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The Elusive Rabbits or Hippity-Hop Rabbits was invented by The Great Norman (Norman Hazeldene) c. 1947.

This new mini version of the famous Hippity Hop Rabbits trick is adorable. Perfect for the close-up performer. The rabbits stand a mere 4 1/2″ tall.

Effect: For those unfamiliar with the effect the magician displays two rabbits, one white and one black. Each is covered as the magician explains he will make them change places. After a few funny moves the audience believes they are black on one side and white on the other and the magician is simply turning them around. No chance! The rabbits are turned over and one is yellow and the other red. Beautifully crafted from wood by MAK magic.

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