Zig Zag Deck – De Palma by Nick de Palma

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A miniature version of Robert Harbin’s most famous illusion the Zig-Zag Lady.

Effect: You fan an entire deck of cards, showing them to be quite ordinary. Then, after introducing a plain wooden box, you slip the deck into the opening on top. Removing two cards and sliding them each into a separate cut in the front of the box, you apparently slice the entire deck into three equal pieces. To further display this miracle, the middle section of the box which holds the center of the deck is pushed over to the side!

Now the spectators can actually see right through the center of the deck. Then, a sliding panel is moved over revealing the center section of the cards. They can see a portion of the top section,the bottom section,and the zig zagged middle section,as well as through the center!!!

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