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Atomic Ball by Nick de Palma

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Effect: This one will fool you even when you know how it’s done! Bring out a small wooden box. Open the box to show two large white dice, two brass rings and a small stainless steel ball. All the items are set into cutouts in the foam lining of the box. Remove everything from the box, show it empty and set it aside. Place one of the brass rings on the table. Drop one of the dice into the brass ring. Place the second brass ring over the first. Place the steel ball on top of the die. Drop the second die on top of the ball (Of course it will not sit flush because the ball holds it up) A magic pass! The second die suddenly drops down flush with the first!! Remove the die, the ball is gone!!

Ask a spectator to open the box. The ball is back inside!! Hand the two dice, the two rings, the ball and the box for immediate examination. Atomic Ball. A killer effect. Completely mechanical, the dice and ball do all the work.

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1 review for Atomic Ball by Nick de Palma

  1. Andy Martin

    One of Nick’s Best!

    Ok so I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with the work of Nick de Palma. However, this one is pretty much perfect. It looks good, is made well, without any tell tale signs of glue or pencil, and is nice and clever!

    In effect, you show a box with two dice, two brass rings and a small silver "atomic" ball in the middle. You take each of these out and clearly show the box is empty. Then you close the box and place the rings and dice on top of the box – with the ball in the middle. When the top die is placed over the ball the first time the die sticks up a bit because of the ball. But with a magical incantation, the die is replaced a second time and this time it moves right down flush with the rings. The atomic ball has vanished. You cleanly take away the rings and show the dice, and then when the box is opened the atomic ball is found to have returned to its rightful place.

    A great trick with zero sleight of hand.

    Highly Recommended!

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