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Killing Time (The Man-Tel Clock) by Nick de Palma

(c. 1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is based upon Bob Kline’s effect called Spirit Time.

Effect: The performer displays a Beautifully Made Oak Mantel Clock. Clock is shown all around and Examined. The performer places the clock on table with face of clock facing spectator. The performer asks spectator to set clock to Any Hour and Close Door, Instantly the performer announces the correct hour. The performer can even Be Out of the Room when spectator sets clock. Effect can be Repeated over and over again. The performer Never Goes Near or Touches the clock. Completely self working under your control at all times.

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1 review for Killing Time (The Man-Tel Clock) by Nick de Palma

  1. Andy Martin

    This is a wonderful piece of mentalism!

    Even though Nick de Palma made this effect – which of course is not new with him – after I spent an hour changing the hardware it is a very nice effect. If you add it with the Versadex Wallet then you really do have a miracle!

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