Tele-Vision Box by Nick de Palma

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This effect was first known as The Mystery of Mysteries and was created c. 1880 by Martinka in the USA and Zauber-Klingl in Europe.

This is Nick’s copy of the popular mentalism effect released by the long running Dutch dealer and manufacturer Mephiso-Huis.

Nick’s version was ok, but nothing like the original versions.

Effect: You show two nested boxes with 4 blocks. You leave the room and ask the spectator to arrange the blocks in any order in the inner box. Then place the smaller box inside the larger and close them up. On your return without opening either box or any funny moves you can discern the exact order of the blocks. The inner box itself is opaque and there is no way you can see inside, but when placed inside the larger box this puts it into the miracle class!

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