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Vault Plus (Gold Plated) by Jay Leslie

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Effect: The Vault was a Chazpro item precision-machined in brass c. 1999. It’s a versatile magic prop & an entertaining puzzle and unless you know the secret it is impossible to open! The original Valut worked on the same principle as The Yot.

Jay Leslie took the Chazpro Vault, plated it in Gold to make it look extra special and changed the mechanism so that it works totally differently (and in a much more usable way) than the original to fool magicians and lay people alike. A really pretty magic utility.

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Approx. Price: $325.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Vault Plus (Gold Plated) by Jay Leslie

  1. Andy Martin

    A real Fooler and Gold Plated too!

    This is a variation on Bank Vault by chazpro. Uses a totally different method and will fool those in the know. Very beautifully gold plated by Jay Leslie.

    Comes with an elohim ring, which in itself is a wonderful utility device.

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